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Serign Ceesay (Massage Therapist) intertwines his knowledge of neuro-muscular therapy, sports massage, and exercise therapy to relax and improve his clients' conditions. He graduated from Atlanta School of Massage on a full scholarship from Charles Barkley, NBA Hall of Famer, in 2000. He has over 13 years of experience as a clinical, medical, and rehabilitation therapist. Most recently, he developed and found great success with a unique massage technique geared toward post-operative recovery and healing. Serign maintains an active lifestyle through physical training and playing football through ZogSports, which raises money for non-profit organizations. He is involved in numerous philanthropic organizations and believes that helping his community is imperative to his personal success!

Dennis Palmer (Massage Therapist/ Sports Trainer) offers a diverse array of services ranging from non-insertive acupuncture, scar tissue removal, neuro-muscular massage therapy, to mixed martial arts and fitness training. In combining over 20 years of martial arts experience with NMT certification, this Martial Arts Hall of Famer truly understands the importance of massage as part of any training regimen.??

Jaclynn Morgan (Massage Therapist) has specialized under 2 orthopedic surgeons, 2 chiropractors and a family physician. She trained rigorously in neuro-muscular, deep tissue techniques, Swedish, trigger point, and sports massage. She also offers ear candling, ice therapy, and full body stretching. She helps athletes prepare for competition and recover afterwards.

Stephanie Sylverin (Massage Therapist) is a wellness enthusiast with a background in Spa Management. She approaches Therapeutic Massage from a holistic standpoint of mind, body and spirit balance. She uses an integrated approach incorporating Eastern and Western Modalities and application of aromatherapy and moist heat to assist her clients on their wellness path.

Jennesse Perry (Massage Therapist) was born to do massage, growing up with a mother who chose healing as a career herself, she was raised and encouraged on healing the body and mind. Being a recent graduate of ISSNMT, she is excited to start this wonderful journey of life through the art of massage.

Luther McKennon (Massage Therapist) believes there is a physical reason for emotional distress. He focuses on activating dormant, atrophied muscles which stimulates circulation. Luther uses massage therapy as a way to help patients with challenges such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental issues. He is known for deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy!

Jesse Simmons (Reiki/ Energy Healer) is a gifted, certified energy healer, and has been doing energy healing all of his life. He is a master in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. He has a profound vision of clarity into the human "blue print," or true nature of being. His gifts and talents enable him to sense the true loving divine essence of an individual. Jesse will target unconscious blocks and with this endowment, he clears and balances energy. Jesse uses his natural healing abilities to invoke a cleansing, centering and purifying inner atmosphere that facilitates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. He says, "The true miracle in the work that comes through me, is not me. It is the openness, courage and determination of the individual to be healed which allows and opens miracles to be experienced."??


Nutrition & Fitness


Oneka Willabus Simmons (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Certified Vegan Chef. AFAA Advanced Certified Personal Trainer. Innovative Visionary in Natural Lifestyle Choices) Oneka Willabus Simmons serves the Atlanta area as a leader in natural lifestyles through alternative and preventative measures. As a certified Doctor of Naturopath, she aims to help patients heal themselves by using food as medicine. Her journey into a natural lifestyle began while in college earning a BS in Exercise Science. She developed and patented a protective braiding style, Exotic Curl, over 18 years ago to help women achieve healthy, natural hair.

?As a mother, she decided to seek natural solutions to her son's asthma and to alleviate emergency room visits for monthly steroid shots. Her natural remedies to heal her family started when she removed dairy then meat from their diets. She found that her son's asthma improved. With advanced training and certification in natural healing modalities, she now helps others heal themselves through food, herbs, and other alternative means.
She is currently enrolled in a Vegan Mastery certification, which teaches how to ensure total nutrition in a Vegan diet. Oneka is also in a gut rebuilding training program which shows how to rebuild a toxic gut and get your immune system (which 80% of it is in our gut) running smoothly and at an optimal level.

Oneka is a lifelong learner of holistic living practices and nutrition. She has a depth of knowledge she is ready to share.


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